Mysterious Portugal
"For such a small country Portugal has left a huge imprint on world affairs and global history."

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famosa cena do filme “canção de lisboa”, onde beatriz costa canta “agulha e o dedal” uma canção da célebre revista “o pastel de bacalhau”.


Lost Home Madeira by klickertrigger on Flickr.


Portuguese Crown Jewels

The Sceptre of the Armillary
The Sceptre of the Dragon
The Crown of João VI + Detail


The dinossaur rocks at Praia Grande, Sintra. 

Once upon a time dinossaurs stepped on this rocks. If you look closely you can still see their footsteps. 


Little bridge in Sintra, Portugal


Edo Period Artist

Namban Screen featuring the Portuguese on a Carrack (detail)

Japan (c. 1590s)

Paint and Gold Leaf on Paper Panels.

Namban (or nanban), which literally translates as “southern barbarians,” was a term commonly applied to the Portuguese traders who began arriving in Japan in the mid-fifteenth century.

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Namban Art


floating umbrellas in Águeda, Portugal by Gail at Large + Image Legacy on Flickr.


People who think portuguese people are always sad have honestly never met a portuguese person in their lives.


(via Tagus River and…, a photo from Lisboa, South | TrekEarth)

Lisbon, Portugal


Bussaco Palace Hotel