Mysterious Portugal
"For such a small country Portugal has left a huge imprint on world affairs and global history."

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One of the Top 10 sandwiches in the world: Portugal’s Francesinha (frenchy or little french if you would translate it)

Viseu Turned Upside Down

Roman cities are generally organized around two perpendicular streets, the “cardo” and the “documanus.” In Viseu, an elegant city in the interior of Portugal, the cardo is called Rua Direita. This ancient street has been turned upside down by an installation called Mesas (the Portuguese word for tables). Artists Pedro Rebelo and Ricardo Jacinto suspended in the air tables once used by jewelers, tailors, office workers, school children, card and ping-pong players. These tables project sounds recorded while they were in use, inviting us to celebrate the people who study, work, and play in this city.

Mesas is part of Ephemeral Gardens, a great annual event which fills the streets of Viseu with art, music, dance, theater, and gastronomy. Click here for more information.


A Portuguese Afternoon by torsergio.

A really nice fanmix, from Portugal and in Portugal. Indie bands with traditional music influences and really beautiful song.


Castelo de Beja, Portugal (by Ricardo Zambujo)

Join me on my journey to all the undiscovered countries.

This saying is a very common threat that portuguese people use all the time. When you hear this you should be careful! ;)

More Portuguese Sayings here

After the seven killer whales sighted on the Algarve coast, we have this little friend. This seal was sighted a few days ago in São Martinho do Porto, in Alcobaça :)




Cabo da Roca

[Here, where the land ends and the sea begins…]

Cabo da Roca is a cape which forms the westernmost extent of mainland Portugal and continental Europe.